Commonly asked questions and forms

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Please understand that these are written for the Western New York District. Most of the information will apply to your district, but the language and material was originally intended for the District to which I belong. Thanks!

Cintas/Unifirst Rug Rental

Setting up a Rug Contract (new and updated instructions)
If you need additional help, please call the phone number listed on your invoice.
Each Drop-off MUST exceed $15

Cintas/Unifirst Calculator

Winter Information

How do I look up my ebuy2’s from previous years?
Salt Ordering
Setting up a plowing contract that’s under $2,500
Setting up a plowing contract over $2,500
CMC Snow Plow Support Website
CMC Snow Plow Support FAQ and ‘how-to’
Carrier Grippers FAQ (Safety Talk about grippers)
Carrier Grippers (How to order)
Carrier Gripper Program
LLV Winter Accessories (including puzzle weights and tire chains
Payment instructions for PayPal
Vendor invoicing through PayPal

Summer Information

How to setup a contract for lawn care
Payment instructions for PayPal

Common Purchasing Questions

Approver Changes in ebuy2?
Arrow Key Replacement (Also CBU and Y-bracket information)
Bulk Funding SOP
Bulk Fund Training
Bulk Fund Declining Balance Log
Burial Flag Requests (You’ll probably need to use a different address though)
Business Cards – Ordering
CCA Uniform allowances
CCA Letter of Authorization
Changing your name/office/phone number in Outlook
Closing out an ebuy2
Credit Card? How do I get/cancel a purchase card? (aka – Credit Card)
Customs form 2976 – Signing a PVI Label
Flyer for business customers to obtain free supplies
Hampers? How do I order parts for hampers?!?
off-catalog ebuy2 request, how do I start that process?
Ordering history for you? Ordering history of the station?
Postal uniform worksheet
PSE Window Clerk Shirts – How to get them?
Tax Exempt form
Utility Bill Payment Guide

Contract Cleaning Assistance

Hopefully I’ll condense/rewrite this in the future, but this should help get your started.
Account Self-Help (Great Resource!)
Contract Cleaner FAQ
Local Cleaning Guide (2014 edition)
ps7227 Form
Contract Cleaning Services Agreement