ItemItem #Costccz
MDD Hand Strap75201700015778.49scan carrier MDDccz
MDD Stylus (6-pk)752017000157921.98stylus carrier mddccz
MDD Batterybtec40.15battery mddccz
MDD Holster99e28.65mdd holster carrier scannerccz
Satchel, 2 compartmentsd1200f24.52carrierccz
Pocket, Satchel - detachable use on carrier beltd1200g2.72carrierccz
Satchel Assy, with rain flap for double bag (2 are needed)d1210a27.85carrierccz
Satchel for use with waist harness (same as double satchel)
Waist Satchel (used with a single 'double satchel')104637010.20-13.10carrierccz
Strap, shoulder, leather carrier satchell (40")d1211a3.43carrierccz
Buckle, carrier, satchel - (2.06" x 1.28") cast irond1211b0.24carrierccz
hook, snap, swivel - carrier satcheld1211c0.43carrierccz
Pad - for should strap2381334.33carrierccz
Chain with belt loop, 28"d1217a.06 - 1.48keyring chain belt carrierccz
anti-fatigue mat 2' x 3'3VFP78.38carrierccz
Parcel Markern1001237eb_red0.08carrierccz
Headlamp - for mail carriers after dark1pjh514.85flash lightccz
Rural Carrier Strobe Light (D Batteries - 400 hours per pair)1362456447.36carrierccz
Strobe Light D Batteries (per, lots of 12)5LE217.56carrierccz
Carrier Case Light Bulbs043168666491.71ccz
Back-off Dog Spray234032.24carrierccz
Sculch Tray (4-compartment)s10142131.68carrierccz
Sculch Tray (5-compartment)n10272931.79carrierccz