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Last Revision – 1/19/2018

CategoryItemQuantity/UnitSourceItem #Costzz
Bank DepositBank Deposit Bag, Plastic (Limit of 250)EachMDCo1163a0.08zz
Bank Deposit Slips (Limit of 200) - Why the limit?EachHarlandm11570-20.03zz
Bank Address StampEachHarlandusps-se17-a6.35zz
Pre-Inked Custom For Deposit OnlyEachPostal Productsn100162320.66zz
BatteriesAA Batteries24/PkStaples4790675.64zz
D Alkaline Battery4/PackStaples3189565.88zz
D Alkaline Battery12/PackGrainger5LE217.56zz
9V Alkaline Batteries12/PackGrainger5LE2412.66zz
AAA Batteries24/PackStaples4790745.33zz
C Batteries12/PackStaplespc14005.21zz
Charger with 4 AA NiMH batteries (Passport Camera)4/PackStaples - Order the 'Staples' version. It's $4 cheaper and is the same product as OfficeMax.cef149.02zz
Flashlight - Uses AA BatteriesEach (requires 2)Noblen287c1610.34zz
Bee/Insect ProblemKibosh Wasp/Hornet/Bee killer - MSDS needs to be onsite3/PackLawsondr82229zz
Crawling Bugs - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)EachNoblen562x706.5cockroach ants spiderszz
CalendarsMonthly Wall Calendar (Oct 2017 - Dec 2018)Printable USPS FY18 TACS Calendar, click here for a direct link.- customized the TACS calendar, so you can add noteszz
Wall Calendar (3 month at a time) 201810-pkStaplesucr54537639.56zz
Deskpad Blotter Calendar 2018EachOfficemax155661332zz
Deskpad Blotter Calendar 2018Need more than 12? (Each - Min qty 24)Staplesredc17311.76zz
Monthly Planner 2018EachStaples1000117.94zz
Bi-Weekly Planner 2018EachStaplesucr54537176.92zz
CalculatorCalculator with printerEachOfficemaxhr8tm13.61zz
Full-sized calculatorEachOfficemaxm1od02m2.25zz
Pocket-sized calculatorEachStaples6794251.74zz
Paper for CalculatorDozenStaples1765112.79zz
Carbon Paper6.5" x 10"100-pkOfficemaxp121175.29zz
Carrier CaseCarrier Case Label Holder 4' Price per foot.FootPostal PR100060.08zz
Cancellation Dauber. Self-Adhesive Backing12/PackPostal PR3131710.53zz
CC / Verifone PaperLook in the 'Retail' sectionzz
ClipboardHardboard Clipboard - 9" x 12"EachOfficemax831400.97zz
Memo Clipboard - 6" x 9"EachStaples3772530.71zz
ClipsMini Binder Clips 1/460/PackStaples5210620.53zz
Small Binder Clips 3/840/PackStaples8315940.53zz
Medium Binder Clips 5/824/PackStaples8316020.8zz
Paper Clips1000/BoxStaples4724981.59zz
Jumbo Paper Clips1000/BoxStaplesh4100043.24zz
Magnetic Bulldog Clips3/PkStaples3933830.49zz
ClockWall Clock - 14" analog EachStaples81229515.64zz
Digital Clock - 9" x 7"EachOfficemaxspc1010odx11.33zz
Compressed AirPressurized Duster - Electronics2/PKStaples3261965.46zz
Copy PaperCopy Paper - Case5000staples13584830zz
Staples requires cases of copy paper to be ordered in lots of 10. (10 cases)If you're having issues with OfficeMax, order10 reams of copy paper through Staples. (=1 case) Only order in lots of 10.Item shown below.zz
Ream of Copy Paper500Staples4920713.45zz
Skid of Paper200kMDCo19p1064zz
Notepad 5" x 8" (perforated with backing)4-pkStaplestop200291.63zz
Standard Perforated NotepadDozenStaples7495679.86zz
Correction TapeStaples 6PK MINI CORRECTION 3C6/PackStaples6112782.2zz
Counter Lobby PensCounter Pens - RefillsEachOffice Max79489.37zz
Lobby Pen refill ink - Black3/PackPostal PR40411/404122.16zz
Security Pen - Anchor Base with chainEachStaples6504990.43zz
Counterfeit DetectorsCounterfeit Bill Detector3-pkOffice Maxn22000353044.44zz
Damaged Mail BagsDamaged Mail Bags, Bundle. 5"x11". "WE CARE."100Postal PR492552.52zz
Damaged Mail Bags, Bundle. 7"x12". "WE CARE."100Postal PR492562.34zz
Damaged Mail Bags, Bundle. 11"x15". "WE CARE."100Postal PR492594.69zz
Damaged Mail Bags, Roll 5"x11" "We Care" - self seal2000Postal PR7497324.65zz
Damaged Mail Bags, Roll 7"x12" "We Care" self seal2000Postal PR7497436.10zz
Dog SprayDOG REPELLENT, BACK OFF, SPRAY EachPostal PRS10011522.24zz
DYMO Label (COARS)COAR DYMO (20 box max per order) - Also for RFS/CFSEachMDC17447642.97zz
Finger TipsSortkwik - fingertip moistener3-pkOfficemaxa9100531.78zz
Rubber Finger Size - 9/16 (Small)DozenStaples5061391.05zz
Rubber Finger Size - 11.5 (Medium)DozenStaples5061541.05zz
Rubber Finger Size 13 (Large)DozenStaples5061621.05zz
Rubber Finger Size - 14 (X Large)DozenStaples506170.82zz
Fire ExtinguisherKidde Dry Chemical - comes with bracketEachGrainger4T88944.96zz
FlagsWhat size flag should I get for my station? Please click here for important information.zz
How do I respectfully dispose of a worn US Flag?zz
United States of America - 3' x 5'EachMDC3893211.75zz
USA - 4' x 6' (Nylon - more graceful, less durable in harsh weather)EachMDC3892514.09zz
USA - 4' x 6' (Polyester - Harsh Climates)EachMDC3893315.88zz
USA - 5' x 8' (Nylon - more graceful, less durable in harsh weather)EachMDC6251819.55zz
USA - 5' x 8' (Polyester - Harsh Climates)EachMDC6251923.41zz
POW-MIA - 2' x 3'EachMDC3893711.87zz
POW-MIA - 3' x 5'EachMDC3894519.69zz
POW-MIA - 4' x 6'EachMDC3894723.06zz
FoldersManila File Folders - 3 Tab Assorted100/BoxStaples2468509.18zz
Twin-Pocket Portfolio folder25/BoxStaples575044.47zz
Plastic Tabs and Paper Inserts for Hanging File Folders25/BoxOfficemax100137505021.42zz
Hanging File Folders - 8 1/2 x 1125/BoxStaples1635275.47zz
Glue SticksGlue Stick - Permanent Glue Sticks6/PackStaples3908465.54zz
HighlightersBIC BRITELINER XL HLITER ASST44/PackStaples5699751.37zz
Pen-Style Assorted12/PackOfficemaxn2h2.52zz
Yellow Highlighters12/PackStaples20721742.75zz
Lab 400Tracking Barcode - Pad50/ PADMDCLAB4000.54zz
Tracking Barcode - Roll500 / RollMDCLAB400R5.29zz
LabelsMailing labels 1X2-5/8 (30 per sheet)3000/boxStaplesAVE306007.3zz
Avery 1 1/3" x 4" Labels (14 per sheet)350/boxStaples2100135zz
Avery 1" x 4" Labels (20 per sheet)500/boxStaples2100055zz
Flat tub / Letter Tray label holder100/boxMDCo99302.14zz
Nixie Labels (Removable Self-Adhesive)250/boxAPD4455691.56zz
LaminatingLaminating Pouches 9"x11"50/boxStaples6770455.68hotzz
Light Bulb Recycling4 ft. Fluorescent Lamp & U-Bent Lamps (you can mix the bulbs)65-T12Wescosupply-06568zz
8 ft. Fluorescent Lamp15-T12MSCMRO8604383359.76zz
LightingWESCOP or Graybar are licensed on catalog vendorzz
MarkersPermanent Markers - Chisel - Black12/Pack (min order is 4 packs. That's okay, overall best value at the moment)Staples1670563.30zz
Black Markers - Fine Tip - BlackDozenStaples4885354.55zz
Permanent Red Markers - Chisel12/Pack (min order is 3 packs. That's okay, overall best value at the moment)Staples150220344.20zz
Dry Erase - Black4/PackStaples41blk2.57zz
Dry Erase - Assorted Colors4/PackStaples6097632.65zz
Dry Erase - Fine Tip - Assorted Colors4/packStaples3923182.11zz
Dry Erase Eraser (can be used on monitors)EachStaples2721532.42zz
Meter Cartridge (PB)Ink Cartridge - Pitney BowesEachMDC751013000717031.2zz
PARS Separator Cards/etcUAA Tray labels (fwds, rtns, cfs)300MDC300ea.50fwds uaazz
NSN (No Such Number)4 CardsMDC76901500006292.2zz
NSS (No Such Street)4 CardsMDC76901500006302.2zz
IA (Insufficent Address)4 CardsMDC76901500006262.2zz
DIS (In Dispute)4 CardsMDC76901500006252.2zz
UTF (Unable To Forward)4 CardsMDC76901500006342.2zz
REF (Refused)4 CardsMDC76901500006312.2zz
VAC (Vacant)4 CardsMDC76901500006352.2zz
NMR (No Mail Receptacle)4 CardsMDC76901500006282.2zz
ILL (Illegible)4 CardsMDC76901500006272.2zz
ANK (Attempted Not Known)4 CardsMDC76901500006242.2zz
TA (Temporary Away)4 CardsMDC76901500006322.2zz
UNC (Unclaimed)4 CardsMDC76901500006332.2zz
Full Set of 12 Cards (One of Each)1 of eachMDC769015000062326.4zz
PencilsPeel-Off China Markers, Black, EachEachMSCRO779620330.7zz
Peel-Off China Markers, Black12/PackStaples2711558.54zz
Peel-Off China Markers, Red12/PackStaples5000823.38zz
Peel-Off China, yellow12/PackStaples5000903.47zz
Ticonderoga Pencils #212/PackStaples4261081.29zz
Mechanical Pencils12/PackStaples220102.16zz
PensNo Pen Over $4 / Dozenzz
Signing a PVI LabelDozenStaples4885354.63zz
Pentel Energel Refill - Black (1.0 MM)EachStaples5561390.52zz
Pentel Energel Refill - Blue (1.0 MM)EachStaples5608560.52zz
G2 Gel-Ink Pen Refills (Black)2/PackStaples3964111.02zz
G2 Gel-Ink Pen Refills (Blue)2/PackStaples3964121.02zz
Paper Mate Pens - BlackDozenStaples1281321.02zz
Paper Mate Pens - BlueDozenStaples1279851.02zz
Paper Mate Pens - RedDozenStaples1278371.02zz
Paper Mate - Black, Black, Fine DozenStaples33811311.02zz
Paper Mate - Ballpoint Pen - Blue, Fine DozenStaples33611311.02zz
Bic Round sticball point Pens - BlueDozenOfficemaxGSMG11-BE1.59zz
Bic Round sticball point Pens - RedDozenOfficemaxGSMG11-RD1.59zz
Paper Mate - Red, Fine DozenStaples33211311.02zz
Staples Gel Pens - Assorted ColorsDozenStaples5551241.43zz
AlphaBasic Ballpoint Stick Pens - White/BlackDozenBoiseN1200148452672.02zz
SONIX Gel Pen DozenStaples651254 or 6512562.85zz
Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens - BlackDozenStaples5632262.97zz
Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens - BlueDozenStaples5632232.97zz
Pentel Retractable Ballpoint Pens - BlackDozenStaples6129163zz
ReVu Retractable Ballpoint - Bold - RedDozenStaples7025613.14zz
Paper Mate - Black -Medium 60/Pack60/PackOfficemaxN146214016.49zz
Pin Wheel Postage5X5 PINWHEELPackMDC5X5PW2.45zz
Pitney BowesInk Cartridge (only buy from MDC)EachMDC751013000000031.2zz
Postage Tape SheetsPackageMDC75101300000008.4zz
POSLocated in the 'Retail' sectionzz
Post It Notes1.5X2 YEL12/PackStaples1057911.02zz
3X3 18PK18 / PackStaples4869552.88zz
3X3 Pop-up Yellow12/PackStaples5654382.98zz
Rubber BandsStandard Rubber Bands No 645lbMDCo385g-56.69zz
Standard Rubber Bands No 64 (case)5 - 5lbMDCo385g-2531.25zz
NO 16, 1/16 X 2-1/2 Inches590/BagStaples1124170.8zz
Safety CutterThese are suggestions and purchases should be guided by each Districts Policy.zz
Safety Utility KnifeEachGrainger25D1657.69zz
Utility Blades100/PackGrainger3gny657.01zz
Safety Cutter (metal)EACHMSCROSC5098.72zz
12/PK Replacement Blades12 PACKMSCROWBG5757.88zz
Kleever Kutter10-pkGraingerkcj1r19.54zz
self-retracting utility knifeEachGrainger1yjd24.27zz
Replacement blades for self-retracting utility knife100-pkGrainger4a80513.44zz
Safety Cutter (Available in Red & Yellow)Each (No Min)Postal Productsn10199535.68zz
Double Sided Replacement Blade for Postal Products Cutter100-pkMDCN101976262.19zz
window scraper razor bladeeachMSC131183641.54zz
ScissorsBasic office scissorsEachStaples8228251.56zz
SealsRegistry Seals (1 package only - lasts 17 weeks)100-pkMDCo817c1004.7zz
(Hub offices ONLY) Registry Seals Case1000-pkMDCO817C47.05zz
Registry Seals (new plastic version)100-pkMDCo819a5.68zz
Truck Seals (Orange Barcoded)1000-pkMDCo817a61.59zz
StaplerStapler Value PackEachStaples4895621.8zz
Standard Staples 210 - 20 Sheets, Standard Staples5000Staples889081.74zz
Heavy Duty StaplerEachStaples48867813.20zz
Stretch WrapSTRETCH WRAP, 33 GA, 16"X1500' ECO FILM, 4 RO/CS4 RollsMDC1193846424.43zz
TapeMasking Tape - 3" Core 3/4" WidthEachOfficemaxa82600-180.89zz
Invisible Tape - 3" CoreEachMSC653589621.53zz
3" Core - Tape DispenserEachNoble421125.69zz
Tape Dispenser - 1" CoreEachStaplesMMMC60ST2.03zz
Invisible Tape 1" Core (12-pk)12/packStaples4879086.64zz
Box Sealing Tape Dispenser Gun - 3" CoreEachStaples5236212.87zz
Box Tape - 2" Wide/3" Core6/PackStaples4679514.44zz
Mounting Squares 1 x 135/PackStaples8480441.9zz
Permanent Mounting Squares - 1 x 116/PackStaples1304761.09zz
Translucent Envelopes(now listed in the retail section)zz
USB Thumbdrive8gb 256-bit encrypted usb thumbdrive (IT approved)EachHPu748g18.5zz
Bottle Spray 32 Ounce (Requires Trigger Nozzle!)EachGrainger3U5930.85yy
Trigger Nozzle for Spray BottleEachGrainger3U5940.62yy
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